Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Would You?

I know, I know, that's a cruel question. Apparantly somebody did though, looking at these photos. I wonder if that guy had to watch five hours of Brooke Belle on Spankwire before that conception. If you haven't heard of Brooke Belle, don't worry, Larry's Liquid will make her more famous than Jenna Jameson after the O'Reilly interview.

No worries Bill. I would have been more intimidated than a 12 year-old little leaguer facing C.C. Sabithia with Jenna on the hot seat. Just because the tread is completely worn off the tires doesn't mean it's not a fun ride in the snow, right?

So back to the monster that calls itself Nancy Grace. I spent 10 minutes watching this beast inform me on Caylee Anthony's disappearance. I guess the mom killed her? (Don't lie to yourself, she might be a murderer, but you totally would.) From the looks of it, Nancy came within seconds of a cardiac arrest moaning about how evil this hot mom is for killing her kid. She had an angry tirade not seen since Hitler gave this speech just days before the end of WWII.

I'm not one for offing your kids. Seriously, couldn't she have flown into Omaha, told the kid she was going to Disneyland, and dropped her off at Bergan Mercy on 72nd street? That's what a responsible parent would have done. But still, let a jury of really smart people decide if she's destined for a life of learning how to lick carpet like a champ. I don't need Nancy Grace trying to convince her to commit suicide on Headline News every night when the cameras are rolling. If I wanted to watch fat, annoying women on TV, I'd Tivo "The View" on a daily basis.

For the time being, I guess I'll just have to block the Headline News channel, which kind of sucks because that means I miss seeing my favorite anchor of all-time. Yes, I'm referring to Robin Meade. I won't even pose the "Would You" question here.

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