Monday, December 29, 2008

Is Anyone Happier Than This Guy That Obama Won?

Just look at the fear in this guy's face. This is the father of Sarah Palin's grandson. Her 18 year-old daughter Bristol just gave birth to a boy named Tripp. Why the name Tripp? Well, when you are named after a NASCAR racetrack in Tennessee, who the hell knows. But I can't imagine a guy more thrilled that Obama was victorious in November than Tripp's dad Levi Johnston. Why you ask?

When the then 17 year-old Bristol announced she was knocked up, and unwed, the Palin camp said "Brisol and the young man would get married." To keep the damage control to a minimum, Levi was going to be the fall guy for this little mistake. Don't think he wasn't more freaked out than Michael Douglas in "Fatal Attraction" when he found a boiling rabbit on the stove.

Levi knew his only way out was a resounding Obama win in November. Johnston has already commented that he "was a little shocked to learn Bristol was pregnant." Translation: "that's the last time I listen to that bitch when she tells me she's on the pill."

I bet little buddy Levi was praying like Mother Teresa that Obama would win this election. When Palin's campaign blew up like Fat Man over Nagasaki, he probably knew just how Edmund Dantes felt when he escaped from prison in "The Count of Monte Cristo."

Congrats Levi. You might have 18 years of child support payments to look forward to, but it beats the alternative. You could be calling this your mother-in-law.

"So what newspapers do you read?..........All of 'Em." (note: over 1500 different papers are printed daily in the US)

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